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If you or a loved one live in Pune and have an alcohol problem, finding a rehab can be difficult. There aren’t many rehabs in the area, and most options aren’t great

At Samarpan Recovery alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune, we do things differently. Our luxury centre offers all our guests the best possible opportunity to stop drinking for good.

What Makes Samarpan Special?

At Samarpan Recovery, we offer all our clients a peaceful and serene environment, which is immensely supportive of the healing process. Our international staff are experienced and compassionate, and all have a proven track record of treating all manner of people with alcohol problems.

And our elegant facility is considered one of the best in India, allowing our guests to feel comfortable and nurtured while going through treatment. All of this means that our evidence-based program is one that we feel proud of offering to clients, both in the Pune area and globally.

What Does Alcohol Rehabilitation In Pune Involve?

Our alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune uses a four-stage system that gets clients sober, and allows them to remain sober for years after they leave.

Step 1 Admission Process

The admissions process to our alcohol rehab begins by calling us on +91 81809 19090. We will use your alcohol history to suggest the right program for you and together decide whether you need a medical detox. After you have paid a deposit, it is usually possible for you to come to Samarpan Recovery within 24 hours.

Step 2 Alcohol Detox

Detoxification is the crucial process where you stop drinking alcohol so your body and mind can recover from its harmful effects.

Alcohol creates pleasurable feelings in your brain and floods it with dopamine - a feel-good chemical. When you stop drinking after an extended period, it takes a while for your body to begin producing dopamine again naturally. Withdrawal kicks in, and you will likely feel unwell for a few days to a week.

It is common to feel many symptoms, including anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, sweating, low energy and delirium tremens. When someone tries to stop drinking alcohol alone, these symptoms can be so unbearable that relapse is common.

Alcohol withdrawal can also be very dangerous when it is attempted outside of a medical detox, which is why you should attend an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune instead of trying to do it yourself.

Step 3 Therapy And Psychological Treatments

After your detoxification is complete it is time for therapy to begin. These treatment modalities work in different ways, but work towards the same goals: helping you stay sober and happy after leaving our alcohol rehab centre in Pune.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions at Samarpan Recovery help you recognize negative thought patterns and behaviors contributing to your compulsion to drink. Once you have worked on these with one of our counselors, it will be far easier not to drink in the future.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT is similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but DBT sessions also allow you to work on accepting yourself, even while working towards change.

Transaction Analysis

TA helps you to identify the “game”s that you and others play, helping you to break out of these patterns. Another powerful tool for overcoming alcohol addiction.

12 Step Program

We offer 12-step facilitation as part of our alcohol treatment programs at Samarpan Recovery. The 12 steps are a fantastic accompaniment to our other therapies and often play an important role in our clients' lives, once they leave our rehabilitation centre in Pune.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) now boasts over 2 million members worldwide. There are AA groups meeting regularly in every major city in India, meaning you will never be far from a meeting.

Additional Therapies

We believe that a holistic approach to addiction treatment is the best way of achieving long-term sobriety, which is why we also include a range of wellness and alternative therapies as part of our program. These include art therapy, yoga, and meditation.

Step 4 Aftercare And Relapse Prevention

The end of residential treatment does not signal the end of the recovery process. All alumni of Samarpan can attend nine individual sessions and nine groups sessions after leaving residential rehab. You can either continue attending our centre in Pune or choose to get aftercare treatment at our sister centre in Churchgate, Pune.

Of course, we understand that it is not always possible for former clients to attend these centres in person, so you may also continue your treatment via video calls.

Why Aftercare Is So Important

At Samarpan Recovery, we recognize that the formative stage of your recovery from alcohol addiction may be tentative. While alcohol addiction treatment in Pune can detox you from alcohol and teach you how to live a sober life, the patterns built up over many years of drinking can take a while to undo.

During this stage, it can be too easy to fall back into drinking if you are not careful. This is why we allow all our clients the option to either continue treatment at our alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune, or alternatively attend our centre in Mumbai.

Having a professional to support you when you are new to recovery can make all the difference. An addiction counselor can help you process events that are happening in your life, help you see blind spots you may have missed, and assist you in tracking your progress as you navigate the world without the use of alcohol. We find that engaging fully in our aftercare program results in better long-term treatment outcomes, and recommend all former clients to either attend one of our centre or continue their treatment via video calls.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

50.5% of people with substance abuse disorder also have some kind of mental health condition. Someone with PTSD may begin drinking alcohol to block out the flashbacks they experience but become dependent on it. A person with depression may start drinking to reduce the overwhelming sadness they feel and allow them to function within society. Anxiety sufferers drink to feel less anxious.

While using alcohol to reduce symptoms of mental health problems might work in the short term, in the long term, this kind of alcohol use leads to addiction. When these dependent users try to stop drinking, they must face alcohol withdrawal, as well as the mental health issues they originally had.

If you have a co-occurring mental health issue, you must get treatment for your mental health condition alongside your alcohol problem. Neglecting mental health treatment leaves you wide open for relapse in the future.

All the counselors at our alcohol rehab centre in Pune have experience treating co-occurring disorders, and are fully aware of the importance of treating both together.

How Long Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Pune Last?

At our alcohol rehab centre in Pune, the minimum length of stay is 28 days. We find this length of stay, combined with the aftercare treatment included in this package, gives our clients an excellent opportunity to maintain long-term sobriety.

Of course, it is possible to extend your stay if you feel like you need it. Some of our clients decide to do this if they have had a particularly long relationship with alcohol or a particularly severe alcohol addiction.

If you have been to rehab in the past and relapsed, this might indicate that you require a longer stay when attending our rehabilitation centre in Pune.

Others simply enjoy the pace of life at Samarpan Recovery and decide they'd like to continue staying at Samarpan to learn more about recovery while letting their body and mind recover from alcohol.

How Do I Know If I Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Pune?

There are some clear signs that you need treatment for your alcohol addiction. Withdrawal signs are a big one. If you start to shake, feel anxious or depressed or feel nauseous when you stop drinking, you should seek professional help. This is so important, as alcohol withdrawal can cause fatal seizures, meaning you may require a medical detox.

Not being able to get through your day without alcohol is a big one. If you can't go even one day without drinking alcohol, you will likely require alcohol addiction treatment to help you stop drinking.

If you face financial problems you might require alcohol addiction treatment in Pune, whether this is caused by your spending all your money on alcohol, or due to missing work or business opportunities by being inebriated or hungover.

Blackouts are another good indication that you need help. If you are blacking out from drinking frequently, it means you are drinking far too much on a regular basis.

And finally, you may need help if you have damaged relationships through drinking. You might have caused problems in your marriage, with friends or family. This might be due to saying the wrong thing, inappropriate behavior or by being excessively inebriated in a social setting.

How Can I Encourage A Loved One To Receive Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Pune?

Seeing your loved one waste their lives with alcohol addiction can be incredibly tough. And while it is not possible to get someone to go to an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune before they are ready, there are ways you can encourage your loved one to get help.

Pick The Right Moment

Firstly, make sure you choose the right time and place. It is no good talking with your loved one about their drinking when they are inebriated or in public. They are likely to ignore what you say, they could become irate, or they may walk away. At Sarmapan, we find people with alcohol problems are often most receptive to these kinds of conversations when they are hungover and at home.

Express Concern

You should start by articulating your concern, telling them you are genuinely concerned for their well-being. Let them know you care about them and are worried about their alcohol consumption.

Avoid Blame

Avoid any blaming or finger-wagging. Doing this will only cause your loved one to reject what you are saying. Instead, adopt an attitude of empathy, but do not set ultimatums, as these usually backfire.

Encourage Professional Help

Encourage your loved one to get professional help. You should prepare a list of rehabs as suggestions. Offer to accompany them to the rehab if they would like to go. You should be ready to "strike while the iron is hot" if they are ready to go immediately. People in the grip of alcohol addiction can be capricious, and motivation for attending rehab can quickly fade.

Get Support

If you are worried about the welfare of your loved one and they won't listen to you, get in touch with Samarpan. We can support you in holding an intervention. Doing this will maximize the chance that your loved one will accept to go to rehab.

Testimonial from L.A

When I came to Samarpan Recovery I was a complete mess. I was a complete mess after spending 7 days in hospital, and I could barely talk and walk. The program with its sessions along with my therapy and Personal training changed a lot for me. I spent 28 days. It was challenging for me at times, but with a lot of support from the Samarpan team, I left the place a completely changed man.

Samarpan Recovery Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In Pune

Alcohol addiction is hard on everyone involved, and untreated alcoholism will not get better by itself. At our luxury centre, we will do our utmost to get you off alcohol, and on a path to a life that you love.

If you or your loved one is ready to go to an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune, or if you have any questions, contact Samarpan. We look forward to speaking with you.

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