Payment and Refund Policy

Samarpan provides the highest level of addiction treatment. We have limited rooms and by maintaining a high level of occupancy, we are also able to keep our costs down, the savings we make help us retain a reasonable price point that our clients benefit from.

With this in mind, we have a reservation, payment and refund policy that reflects our client’s commitment to recovery while being fair to Samarpan.

Reservation Deposit

Samarpan requires a One INR Lakh reservation deposit of the first month’s fee prior to arrival to reserve a room for the pre-agreed arrival date. Acceptable payment methods include credit card, razorpay, bank transfer, cheque (Indian banks) and cash.

If a client fails to arrive at Samarpan within seven days of the pre-agreed arrival date, Samarpan reserves the right to retain the reservation deposit. Our objective is to offer the client care and treatment, so should the client arrive after seven days, we will still aim to accommodate them however, admission will be based on bed availability.

Full Payment

Payment made in full is due on arrival at Samarpan, if not made prior to arrival. Admission will not be granted until payment is complete.

Refund Policy

At Samarpan, we understand circumstances beyond your control can arise. With this in mind we have leniency. Should you need to depart early, before treatment completion, we offer you 100% of unused paid days as credit for future use within 18 months from your departure date. However, we do not provide cash refunds for clients not completing the program.

Involuntary Discharge

Prior to arrival, clients will receive a detailed list of rules and regulations for their stay at Samarpan. Maintaining rules enables us to care for all of our clients in a safe and therapeutic manner and to enhance their recovery. Should a client breach any of these rules and regulations, Samarpan reserves the right to discharge the client immediately and without refund.

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