Samarpan is India’s first truly international destination rehab. Many people have questions about what rehab is going to be like, so we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions below.

What addictions are treated at Samarpan?

Samarpan is primarily a substance misuse program – this includes alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription medications; however, our program is able to cater for clients with co-occurring disorders through our integrated treatment approach.

What is the basic process of treatment at Samarpan?

Clients will be assessed for suitability of entry into the program by one of our qualified Mental Health Professionals. Your first point of contact when calling us will be with a professional who actually works at our rehab. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have, and alleviate any fears or misconceptions as to what rehab is about. If a client is rehab ready, he/she will be admitted into our centre at Mulshi. On completion of the residential treatment program, the client will have their continuing care through our Mumbai outpatient clinic as part of their package.

What is Samarpan’s approach to treating addictions?

Apart from the time-tested, proven Integrated Treatment Model, which is the foundation of Samarpan’s addiction treatment program, we seek to address the problem through evidence-based therapies and a holistic blend of psychiatry, group therapy, relapse prevention, Art Therapy, 12 Step Facilitation and psychological therapies, supplemented by expert guidance on health, exercise, yoga, diet and other complimentary treatment interventions in an exclusive, serene environment. The treatment plan is customized to meet the individual’s specific needs and challenges.

What does the treatment program include?

At Samarpan, the following are part of the core treatment activities on our schedule:

  • Group therapy (group size limited to a maximum of 12 individuals)
  • Individual therapy – minimum of two sessions per week
  • Family sessions
  • Psycho-educational workshops
  • Drama / Art therapy
  • Physical training & fitness
  • Mindfulness, Yoga, Reiki, EFT and Massage
What is the duration of the residential treatment programme?

The duration of each client’s program is based on clinical need. However, research suggests that longer stays in treatment produce better outcomes. Our minimum length of residential treatment is for four weeks - we also offer eight- and twelve-week programs. On completing a treatment program at Samarpan, clients will be provided with a standard two month follow up of nine sessions of individual therapy and nine sessions of group therapy, either at our Mumbai clinic or online. Clients may also choose from the Gold, Silver and Bronze IOP programs that the Mumbai clinic offers, should those be clinically identified.

Does staying at Rehab really help?

Absolutely! Participating in a residential rehabilitation program introduces our clients to a whole new environment, one of structure and purpose, allowing clients to build solid foundations in their lifestyle, as well as learning new tools and skills that they can take away with them to facilitate a life of recovery. We don’t just look at the abstinence from a substance, but also the behavioural changes, so clients will be challenged every step of the way – by our empathic and skilled therapists as well as their peer group.

Does Samarpan’s role end after I finish rehab?

Definitely not! We are committed to being by your side every step of the way in the recovery journey. After the intensive residential program, Samarpan extends all necessary support as you proceed through the transitional recovery phases.

Focused on relapse prevention, our continuing care program comprises post-residential treatment counselling sessions on an outpatient basis at our Mumbai center with the professional help of counsellors and medical experts. If you so prefer, the counselling can be provided online.

For all people who have accessed treatment at Samarpan’s and have completed their program, they will also be able to access our Alumni Program, which offers additional support, meet ups and other activities.

In short, our programs and services are designed to enhance the gains you made during treatment, reinforce healthy habits, and help you stay on the path to recovery.

Can I use my phone or computer?

Yes - At Samarpan, we understand that our clients may have other important matters to deal with. Not being able to keep in touch with your office and family could cause a considerable amount of stress. We help you manage your phone and computer in a healthier manner. Clients are not permitted to use their phones outside of their villas, and should there be any issues regarding an individual’s phone and computer use, we reserve the right to review this therapeutically.

Can I see my loved one off?

Yes - If you would like to accompany your loved one to the center, that is fine. We actively encourage family members to be part of the treatment process, and also want family to be assured of what our rehab is about, and meet the people who work here.

Can I stay with my loved one?

No, we are a treatment centre, and we do not allow non-participants to stay within the centre

Can I bring an iPad and books?

Yes - Feel free to bring your digital device. We also have a small library, as well as a large music and movie collection.

Can I have visitors?

Yes - but only contingent upon permission from your Focal Therapist. In general, we don’t encourage visitors to come during the program. There is a specific Family Session for all clients in week two of each client’s program, and further sessions may be organised with the Focal Therapist. Please note: Visitors are not allowed to spend the night at the Centre. Unauthorised visitors will be turned away at the gate.

Can I order from Amazon or online shopping companies?

No - we do not allow online deliveries to the centre, unless with the express permission of a Focal Therapist. Unauthorised deliveries will be turned away by the security personnel.

Is there a doctor on full time?

No - However, we have a medical officer who is at the centre three times a week, and a Consultant Psychiatrist who is at the centre once a week. We have 24-hour nursing staff, and a fully equipped medical clinic onsite. Our staff are trained in first aid and Basic Life Support and we also have a partnership with Symbiosis Hospital for other medical needs.

What medications will I be offered?

At Samarpan, you will be seen by our Consulting Psychiatrist who may prescribe medication accordingly, based on your individual assessment. We will also facilitate the administration of medication prescribed by your doctor and brought with you. If you are going to need medication for your treatment or are on other medications that you will need to continue taking, you will need to bring a large enough supply for your time at Samarpan. Please be sure to have the medications in the original packaging with a prescription explaining the dosage. All medication will be stored in our medical clinic and administered by our nursing staff.

What can and can’t I bring?
What is a typical day like at Samarpan?

Our program is highly structured, so that clients are able to get the most from their stay at Samarpan. A standard therapy day will commence at 7.15am and will end at 8pm. All scheduled sessions for client’s are mandatory, as we recognise the importance of clients being engaged in a structure, which enables them to build a solid recovery foundation whilst in treatment. There are a mixture of group and individual therapy sessions daily, with a wide range of therapeutic interventions. We don’t believe that treatment should be a punishment or shaming exercise, and having an integrated treatment approach keeps clients engaged in the process throughout. Everything within our structure is clinically justified.

A standard weekly Structure can be found here Schedule

Can I have my dietary requirements taken care of?

Food is an important part of rehab, we endeavour to provide a healthy and interesting menu that provides for client’s who are veg and non-veg. For some clients they may require further dietary requirements, or specific dietary plans which we will cater to.

What happens if my loved one wants to leave early?

Samarpan is an entirely voluntary program, that means that all of our clients have chosen to be here. We do not believe in holding clients here at Samarpan against their will, and evidence-based research specifically shows that clients who have been part of the decision to be in treatment get better outcomes. Should a client choose to leave treatment early, we will explore the reasons as to why the client is making that decision, and where possible work with them to make a rational and informed decision. Should they still decide to leave, they will be provided with an appropriate discharge plan, and the family members will be involved in that process, so that the person leaves safely.

Is there security at Samarpan?

We have 24-hour security at Samarpan, along with onsite on call staff and waking night nursing staff. Throughout the centre, we have a state-of-the-art CCTV system, as well as suitable security lighting throughout. The safety and security of our clients is paramount.

Is there a Female only wing?

Whilst the facility is co-ed, we have separate Female only accommodation, and these are separated from the male accommodation. There are security cameras on the outsides of all buildings, and 24-hour security. We have created an environment which is safe for all clients, but also enhanced for females. Our staffing team also has a gender diversity, to enable female client’s to feel safe.

If there are any other questions that you need to ask, we are always available to answer them, just drop us an email, WhatsApp or call.

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