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Martin Peters
Director of Residential Services

Supporting clients in their journey into recovery has been my passion for over 30 years. As a person who has experienced addiction and mental health on a personal level, I try to understand where the client is, and meet them at that point, and get them to where they want to be. Clients starting points are very different, and the importance of relating to a client, listening to their story and working collaboratively with them, to help them change is of paramount importance. There is no one size fits all approach to treatment, I understand the importance of having a trusting and transparent relationship with a client, which enables me to challenge them from an effective, non-judgemental and caring place, through individual and group therapy, and the wider therapeutic milieu whereby clients can learn about one another, and support each other’s journey in a healthy manner.

“You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone”Roland F. Williams
samarpan recovery
Obi Unaka
Deputy Director of Residential Services

As a therapist, I believe in the process of change and see myself as a conduit for facilitating this. In my clinical practice, my first objective is always the development of a trusting therapeutic relationship with my clients. In doing so, I seek to collaboratively support them in navigating the range of options available to them whilst also communicating my empathic understanding and belief in their intrinsic ability to make the right choices. As an active listener, I look beyond the words that are uttered and try to explore the meaning behind them. While ensuring that my optimism permeates throughout our interactions, I also encourage the clients to seek feedback and view their changes in the context of the wider family system and the microcosm of the treatment community.”

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”– Victor E. Frankl
samarpan recovery
Ishita Akula
Clinical Psychologist

“My belief is that clients are the ones who can figure out apt solutions and goals for their issues. As a therapist, my role is to provide unconditional positive regard and empathy which fosters growth and change. In turn, I ask my clients to be open-minded, willing for change and trust the process of therapy. The most important thing for me is my client’s trust and I have confidence in dedicating time to build a strong therapeutic alliance as it can be a tool for change in itself. I believe that holistic care is paramount and that means involving the family in the treatment process as well.

As a collaborative therapist, my aim is to provide clients with skills and tools that can be applied while going forward in their life and be independent while dealing with the hassles that life throws at one.”

samarpan recovery
Mridula Mishra
Art Therapist

My beliefs and approach to my clients is holistic wherein I incorporate different therapeutic interventions like Embodiment which include Drama, Drum circle, Visual arts, Pottery, Knitting, Sculpting where they can express themselves in a space which is comforting to them. I am empathetic but it is also imperative that my client allows me to challenge their disorders and maladaptive behaviours. This process helps one to re-experience emotions in a way that allows them to organize their feelings and from a narrative around an overwhelming experience.

My role as an Art Therapist is to promote catharsis through different interventions and help them understand themselves better. My belief is that sometimes words are not enough and expressing yourself through Art that can lead to therapeutic change.

samarpan recovery
Sanket Mahesh Swami.
Recovery Specialist

“ I am a therapist who believes in a holistic approach. For me, therapy is anything that helps the client in bringing about healthy changes with minimal or temporary disadvantages. For me, trust is of prime importance and I believe in hands-on experience. I perceive in having a thorough understanding and experiencing the basics of treatment before applying them in my therapeutic relationship with the client. I believe in implementing changes in myself and sharing those experiences with clients.

I perceive that the family’s mental as well as physical health and participation in therapy is as important as the client’s participation and health. In turn, I wish my clients to be trusting and accept themselves, therapy process and the helping hands”

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