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Drug addiction affects more Pune residents every year. It causes dire suffering, despair, and death. But addiction can be treated, and it is possible to return to the good life again.

Why Come To Samarpan Recovery?

Samarpan Recovery is the only luxury drug rehabilitation centre in Pune. If you live in Pune or the surrounding area and are serious about recovering from your drug addiction, there is no reason to go elsewhere.

Pleasant Environment

The hustle and bustle of major cities can drain the spirit. Being "always on" in these environments causes our nervous systems to constantly fire, which can contribute towards addiction.

While many rehabs in India are located in a city environment, at Samarpan we decided to do things differently. Our centre is just outside Pune, situated in Mulshi Hills, a serene and peaceful place. We find that being surrounded by nature assists our clients to slow down, recuperate and recover from their addiction.

World Class Facilities

Just as the countryside environment accelerates the healing process, we believe our excellent facilities ground and comfort our clients. Our centre was designed with clients’ well-being in mind. Please let us know if you would like to tour our facility before your stay.

First Rate, International Staff

All the other factors we have taken into account would mean nothing without our fantastic team of counselors from around the world. Not only are our staff internationally trained, but many of them have decades of experience in addiction treatment. This, combined with a true desire to help the clients that they serve, is what we believe our greatest asset is at Samarpan.

Medical Detox At Samarpan

It is tragically common for people with substance abuse disorder to want to quit using, but not be able to face the pain of withdrawal. Years can go by in this seemingly hopeless state.

And it is unfortunately the case that many people with substance problems die from withdrawal. Fear of death by withdrawal is another factor that causes people not to get sober.

At Samarpan Recovery drug rehab centre in Pune we are aware of these two reasons that people do not get clean, and have put together a medical detox program that means detoxing with us is far less uncomfortable and infinitely safer than detoxing by yourself.

Our medical detox programs involve two critical factors: the medications we use and our team of medical professionals who administer them. The medicines used vary depending on the needs of the patient and the substances they are using. Still, the goals are always the same: stabilizing the patient and ensuring they are as comfortable as possible.

Our medical team is intimately familiar with all the medications used at Samarpan, meaning they use them expertly to pursue these two goals. But an effective detox is not just about administering medication. It also involves a human touch.

Withdrawal can be unpleasant, and our team will always do the utmost to take care of the patient's needs during withdrawal. This makes all the difference, and our clients at Samarpan can come out of detox unscathed and ready to complete the rest of our program.

Advantages Of Drug Rehab in Pune

If you live in Pune, there are many advantages of going to drug rehab in Pune. Foremost of these is travel logistics. If you are addicted to drugs, getting on a plane and traveling to the other side of India usually means bringing drugs with you. The risks of this are clear. If you are caught with drugs by airport officials, you risk having to pay a hefty fine or even jail time. It simply isn't worth it.

There is also the "cold feet" factor when it comes to rehab. It is common for people who are addicted to drugs to pull out at the last minute, as fear gets the better of them. Getting on a flight and traveling to the other side of India or further gives you more time to talk yourself out of going to rehab, missing out on the best thing that could ever happen to you.

Going to a drug rehab in Pune also means you are supported by family. While Samarpan Recovery recommends you take time away from the outside world for the first part of your stay, once you have successfully detoxed it is possible to have family therapy sessions. These sessions can help you reconnect with your family and discuss the events that occurred during your drug-using days.

Remaining in the local area also takes away the fear of the unknown. You will likely already have plenty of concerns when you go to rehab. Being in a strange environment doesn't have to be one of them. Taking away some of the uncertainty of what you will experience means you can focus on what really matters: tackling your addiction and getting well.

If you come to Samarpan drug rehab in Pune, you can be assured that you will continue to have support after you graduate from residential rehab. We offer all alumni of Samarpan Recovery the opportunity to continue receiving therapy at our Pune centre as part of our program.

And going to a drug rehab centre in Pune also means you will have access to local resources. There are a wealth of support groups in Pune that can support you after you leave Samarpan. We can connect you with groups like Narcotics Anonymous, which can be immensely beneficial for you to start your recovery journey.

Drug Addiction in Pune

The prevalence of drug addiction in Pune is a growing concern. A wide variety of substances are now available in the city, including opioids, cocaine, cannabis and synthetic drugs such as mephedrone.

There are a few reasons for this increase in drug addiction. The first of these is urbanization. In recent years, Pune has seen massive growth and has become known as a nexus of manufacturing, automobile and IT sectors. This economic boom has brought prosperity to the city, and many people have benefited from the opportunities now offered.

But this rapid growth has also led to lifestyle changes and increased stress levels, both of which contribute to substance abuse. As Punekar's lives become more demanding, many turn to drugs to cope with occupational and family demands. They do this to keep themselves sharp during work hours, let off steam after work, deal with mental health problems, and sometimes a mixture of all three. When someone susceptible to addiction does this consistently, it doesn't take long for dependency to set in.

The easy availability of many drugs is another driving factor for drug use within the city. An overworked police force, Pune's status as a traffic hub and the city's proximity to high-drug areas all contribute towards easy access to drugs.

There is also a large student population within Pune, and some students are bound to experiment with drugs. It is a sad reality that some of these students are certain to become hooked on drugs, adding to the numbers of those who are addicted in the Pune area.

How Can I Prepare For Drug Rehab in Pune?

If you're nervous about going to drug rehab in Pune, know there is no reason to be. If you come to a rehab like Samarpan Recovery, we will make the process as easy as possible for you. You simply need to follow the program, give it your all, and big shifts will happen.

That being said, knowing how to get ready for drug addiction treatment in Pune can further put your mind at ease.

What To Pack (And What Not To)

You should pack enough clothes for the length of your stay. Be sure to also bring clothes to exercise in, as well as a swimming costume if the rehab you're staying at has a swimming pool.

You should also pack any toiletries you may need, though don't worry too much about forgetting an item. Our team at Samarpan will be glad to get you the toiletries you require during your stay.

Books are fine, as are digital devices, though most rehabs advise that you do not use these too much while getting treatment, as doing this can distract you from the treatment process.

Now that you know what to pack, let's turn to what you shouldn't bring. Obviously, you shouldn't take any drugs or alcohol with you. You should also make sure that nothing you bring contains any substances. The most common offending item is mouthwash that contains alcohol, but you should check all your other toiletries as well to make sure you don't unwittingly bring any contraband.

The Link Between Mental Health And Drug Addiction in Pune

When someone has been using drugs for a long time, they begin to exhibit symptoms of mental health problems. People who are addicted to stimulants like cocaine or crystal meth may start showing signs of anxiety, psychosis and depression when they are using these drugs.

As these people continue using stimulants, they may begin to show symptoms of mental health issues even when they are not using drugs.

People who use downers like opioids and benzodiazepines tend to exhibit symptoms in a slightly different way. It is common for people who use these drugs to self-medicate with them. Someone who has PTSD may begin taking heroin to stop experiencing flashbacks. A person with panic disorder may start taking Xanax to stop their panic attacks.

When these users stop taking these drugs, they must face the original symptoms they experienced, plus the rebound effect from ceasing drug use. So the former heroin user experiences more flashbacks and the former Xanax users experiences more panic attacks.

So you see it goes both ways. Drug addiction to all drugs can both cause mental illness and be caused by it. So what’s the solution?

At Samarpan drug rehab centre in Pune, we assess all patients who come to our centre for signs of mental illness. If we believe the patient has an underlying mental health problem, we will discuss it with them. From here, we will continue treating their addiction, but will also treat this mental health problem. It is absolutely crucial that addiction and any mental health issues are treated at the same time, as not doing this leaves the patient wide open to relapse.

Testimonial From T, India

“Samarpan has been an incredible journey which will probably be the most important 28 days of my adult life. I wish that I had come years earlier. Martin and Obi you guys rock!! Thank you, and now it’s up to me”.

Come To Samarpan Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune

If you live in Pune and are ready to go to drug rehab in Pune, come to Samarpan. Our centre is not just the best in the Pune region but is also among the top addiction treatment centres in India.

For more information on our program, to tour our centre, or to make a reservation to stay with us, contact us today.

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