19th January 2024
Podcast 3: Discussion with Obi - 19th January 2024

Join Martin Peters, our Samarpan Residential Services Director, having an insightful conversation with guest Obi Unaka, Deputy Director of Residential Services. Obi shares his experiences and insights into his work in the field of Substance Use over the past 20 years. Obi hails from The UK and is now based here in India. 

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7th January 2024
Podcast 2: Discussion with Don & Meena - 7th January 2024

Join Martin Peters, our Samarpan Residential Services Director, in an insightful conversation with international guests Don and Meena Lavender from Camino Rehab, Spain. They share diverse client stories, insights into various situations, festival urges, and wisdom from their vast experiences. Also listen to their thoughts on Samarpan rehab, Mulshi.

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5th January 2024
Podcast 1: Discussion with Dr Azhar - 5th January 2024

Welcome to Samarpan's first podcasts, hosted by Martin Peters with special guest Dr Azhar Hakim Director of Outpatient Services. We get to talk about Samarpan, Addiction and Dr Azhar’s own personal journey of recovery. Join us on our monthly podcasts and subscribe to our YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and LinkedIn for all the latest in addition recovery and mental health.

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2nd January 2024
New changes to Program – 2nd January 2024

Samarpan is delighted to announce changes to our program and fees, influenced by feedback from clients, professional colleagues, and our outcomes data. Driven by a client-first approach for International Standard residential treatment, we are thrilled to share the following updates:

1. Our 4-week program is now extended to 5 weeks, providing one free week for a minimum of 4 weeks of treatment.

2. No increased prices.

3. Introducing a shared room option at INR 3.5 Lakhs for 5 weeks.

This underscores our commitment to ensuring high-quality treatment isn't solely based on fees but also on achieving optimal clinical outcomes. For an International Standard Rehab in India, Samarpan is the number one choice. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, reach out to us at +91 81809 19090 and start the New Year with a journey back to life.

9th December 2023
Celebration of Recovery – 9th December 2023

On December 9th, we hosted our inaugural Alumni event at Samarpan Mulshi, bringing together former clients, current clients, and friends for a 'Celebration of Recovery.' Obi Unaka, Deputy Director of Residential Services said, “the celebration of recovery event enables the instillation of hope in our current clients. The impact of this demonstration of visible recovery is immeasurable”. Around 50 guests joined us for a day filled with connection, reflection, and fun. A delightful BBQ added to the festivities, and we were privileged to hear inspiring speeches from former clients sharing their personal recovery journeys. Both staff and Alumni cherished this day, and we eagerly anticipate our next Alumni event in June 2024!

25th November 2023
New Staff – Personal Trainer 25th November 2023

We are delighted to welcome Kalim Sufi, our dynamic new Physical Trainer, to the Samarpan Rehab family! With a rich background in premium gyms and organisations, Kalim brings expertise and passion to elevate your fitness journey. Get ready for personalised guidance and a holistic approach to wellness.

23rd November 2023
Employee of the Month 23rd November 2023

Our employee of the month for November, goes to Jagdish Sangle, Facilities Manager. Jagdish is an integral part of our Samarpan team, his work often goes unnoticed, but without his dedication and hard work the centre would not run as smoothly as it does. As much as Jagdish is involved in the day to day operations, he’s also often the person who families speak with initially when organising logistics to come to the centre. His fantastic organisation of our spending alumni event is testament to the high standards we aspire to at Samarpan. Martin Peters and Obi Unaka   are delighted to present a certificate of appreciation for his great work. From all of us at Samarpan, thank you Jagdish.

17th November 2023
Diwali Celebrations 17th November 2023

In the spirit of Diwali, our staff and clients adorned traditional Indian wear, creating a vibrant celebration of unity and joy. We broke the stereotype of rehab being always serious, savouring every moment of recovery together.

Plus, our restaurant featured a special Diwali menu, adding an extra layer of delight to the festivities. The vibe and energy were truly amazing! Grateful for the Diwali memories shared.

31st October 2023
Halloween Celebration 2023

There were some ghostly goings on at Samarpan today, with some haunting sights and sounds. Our clients and team were greeted by a somewhat terrifying ghost, who oversaw a special lunch provided by our kitchen team. Rehab is serious, but it’s also nice to have fun as can be seen by some of the photos of our Halloween lunch.

19th October 2023
One Year Completion Award for October 23

Martin Peters and Obi Unaka are delighted to present one-year completion awards to our staff team. Coming up for 18 months of operation now, we have a solid core team of staff and we are very grateful for all of the hard work that they have carried out, and their contribution to our clients’ recovery journey. Obi Unaka, Deputy Director of Residential Services said, “it is imperative that we have continuity in the staff team. We acknowledge the dedication they have shown and look forward to the year ahead”.

15th October 2023
Employee of the Month - 15th October 2023

Every single member of staff contributes to our client’s recovery journey – for us at Samarpan we recognize that our staff make us the organization that we are.  Our employee of the month for October is Nusrat Mulla our Housekeeping Supervisor. Nusrat has been at Samarpan for over a year now, and is responsible for ensuring that the centre is clean, tidy and that clients living accommodation and laundry is taken care of to the highest standard.   Martin Peters, Director of Residential Services is pleased to present the well-deserved award to Nusrat and commented “Often people think that it’s the therapy team that do all of the work, top level rehab centres have many moving parts, and it’s important that all the staff work in tandem, we can’t do the therapy if all those other moving parts aren’t working smoothly. Nusrat is a very valued member of our team”.

21 Sept 2023
New Staff at Samarpan 21st September 2023

Samarpan are delighted to have Poorva Puntambekar join our clinical team at Mulshi. Poorva who is originally from Mumbai, has recently completed her Masters in Psychotherapy at The University of Derby in The United Kingdom.  As our organization continues to grow and evolve, we are pleased to add more highly skilled professionals into our team. Martin Peters, Director of Residential Services said “We are committed to recruiting qualified staff who have a sound background in therapy, psychology or mental health. Rehab programs need to ensure that staff are suitability qualified, so that they can help address the complexities that clients present. The days of rehab programs being staffed and run by people just in their own personal recovery are long gone – there is a need to ensure that clients get the very best treatment, by the very best staff”.

GORSKI-CENAPS Preventing Relapse Symposium

Martin Peters (Director of Residential Services), Obi Unaka (Deputy Director of Residential Services) were invited to present at the inaugural Preventing Relapse Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. As part of promoting Samarpan as an internationally recognised centre they presented a paper on “Implementing the evidence-based Gorski-CENAPS model of Relapse Prevention in the Cultural context of India”. The presentation was warmly received by the many clinicians in attendance, which was well attended including recognised presenters such as Roland Williams, Dr Stephen Grinstead and Bob Tyler providing some very thought-provoking presentations. During this trip, our staff were also able to visit the well-respected Beachcomber IOP in Fort Lauderdale and meet up with many addiction therapists from across the US. Martin and Obi have been subsequently invited to present in 2024 at the next symposium.

22nd January 2023
Addiction and Relapse Prevention Seminar

Samarpan hosted an educational seminar at The GIO Convention Centre, Mumbai for addiction and mental health professionals which was presented by international addiction expert Roland Williams. The day encompassed evidence-based approaches to treatment, dispelling myths around addiction treatment and the implementation of Relapse Prevention Therapy into programs A further Q&A forum was also offered, in which Martin Peters (Director of Residential Services), Obi Unaka (Deputy Director of Residential Services) and Dr Ashish Deshpande (Consultant Psychiatrist) shared the stage with Roland Williams to share their experiences of delivering residential rehabilitation treatment. The event was attended by over 60 mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors.

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