Aftercare: Staying Clean After Rehab In Pune

Aftercare: Staying Clean After Rehab In Pune

Going for rehab in Pune is not the end of the road when it comes to recovery. Once you leave, you must continue recovery-related activities to stay clean, sober and mentally well. This guide from Samarpan Recovery tells you everything you need to do to do well when you’re new to recovery.

Recovery Meetings

Many people globally find enormous benefit from going to recovery meetings. Groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and SMART Recovery help people live good lives away from substances. Both NA and AA emphasize the importance of finding spirituality as part of getting clean and sober, while SMART Recovery does not include a spiritual element.

At Samarpan Recovery, we provide access to 12-step meetings to all our clients who wish to attend.

Building A Sober Network

If you are not interested in attending recovery meetings, you should still work on making sober friends. People new to recovery often find that most of their old friends were those they drank alcohol or used drugs with. Hanging around with these people is one of the quickest ways of returning to addictive addiction.

If you have been addicted to substances for a long time, you may believe that everyone uses substances. This is not the case! There are plenty of people who enjoy life without using drugs or alcohol. Try joining a group of people who meet to discuss a common goal or activity.


Counselling is a crucial part of the treatment process for rehab in Pune. Counselling sessions assist you in dealing with maladaptive thought processes that would cause you to drink or take drugs. These sessions also allow you to work through any trauma you have, as trauma symptoms can also lead you back to substance abuse.

Counselling sessions can also help you address any mental health problems you have, as untreated mental health issues can cause relapse.

But you do not have to stop attending psychotherapy after leaving rehab in Pune. Samarpan Recovery offers all our alumni the opportunity to continue counselling sessions at our centre in Mumbai after graduating. Or if you prefer, you can have video calls with one of our counselors instead!

During these sessions, you can continue the work that you started in rehab. Or perhaps you feel like there are other topics that you want to work through.

It is common for people new to recovery to have a wide range of issues, as years of intoxication lead to stagnation in personal development. You may have interpersonal conflict that you would like to discuss, mental issues that you would like advice on, or you may wish to continue working on relapse prevention.

Set Goals

It is difficult to achieve much in life without setting goals, and the same is true in addiction recovery. When you first get out of rehab in Pune, your number one priority should always be staying sober. As time goes on, though, you should begin to broaden your horizons and begin thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Financial goals can be important, but many people find that achieving these goals is ultimately unfulfilling and leaves you wanting more. You should consider setting goals that will enhance your life and the life of those around you.

Perhaps you set a goal of helping others more, of being around your family for longer, or of being more heart-centered.

Of course, it is also great to have an idea of exciting activities that you want to complete that will keep the zest in your recovery. Many people who get sober find great joy in exploring new places, jumping out of planes and riding motorbikes. Find out what you are passionate about and get stuck in!

Healthy Lifestyle

The best rehabs in Pune offer gyms and swimming pools to exercise in, and yoga classes to attend. Many who go to these centers engage with exercise for the first time in years when they attend.

Working up a sweat is a fantastic way to reduce withdrawal symptoms once you feel up to it. But you shouldn’t stop working out once you leave the rehab gates. While not everyone wants to run marathons, maintaining a schedule where you work on your physical health is an essential part of addiction recovery.

The key is to find a style of exercise that suits you. This might be lifting weights, it could be running, or it could be practicing yoga. If you cannot or don’t want to do any of these, something as simple as walking a few times awake can benefit your body enormously. And, of course, exercise lifts your mood, which can prevent relapse.

Practice Meditation

There is a reason why so many people extoll the benefits of practicing meditation on a regular basis. Including this in your daily routine will do wonders for your recovery.

Enhance Cognition

Substance abuse takes a toll on the mind, and it can take a while after we get clean for our minds to rejuvenate. Mindfulness practices like meditation can speed up the healing process, helping us to be more lucid in early recovery.

Decrease Stress

Early recovery is stressful. Learning to cope without using drink or drugs and finding a new way to live can increase your anxiety levels for a while. It is important to try to keep your stress levels as low as possible when you first get clean, as stress can lead to relapse.

If you engage in any mindfulness practice your cortisol levels will come down, which will cause you to experience less stress.

Improve Mood

Everyone experiences a low mood from time to time, and it is ubiquitous to experience the blues when you’re new to recovery. Meditation can help blow away the cobwebs in the early days.

Reduces Relapse Rates

There is a reason why twelve-step groups are so quick to recommend meditation. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce the relapse rates of people in recovery, and many people consider it a crucial part of their recovery program for this reason alone.

Samarpan Recovery Rehab In Pune

At Samarpan Recovery, we recognize the importance of aftercare following treatment, and will support you in any way we can. After you have completed treatment with us we would love to stay connected with you, see how you are doing, and continue to play a role in your recovery, should you wish for it.

For more information on how Samarpan can support you after you have finished our program, please contact us today.

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