Art Therapy For Mental Health: How Rehabs Promote Healing With Creative Therapy

Art Therapy For Mental Health: How Rehabs Promote Healing With Creative Therapy

Art Therapy For Mental Health: How Rehabs Promote Healing With Creative Therapy

Many clients with persistent or severe mental health disorders have difficulty expressing emotions. Art therapy for mental health is an excellent way to help clients identify, process, and express feelings in a way that improves social interactions.

According to the International Journal of Nursing Sciences, "Art activities were linked not only to acknowledging and building new strengths and skills, making meaning of experiences, and personal growth but also the establishment of clinical diagnosis, symptom alleviation, and communication, whereby collaboration with near ones and health care professionals was fostered." Artist self-expression can improve the outcome of therapy and help clients increase self-awareness.

Samarpan Recovery offers art therapy for mental health and other creative activities to treat clients with mental health disorders.

What Is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is an alternative holistic therapy that allows clients to use artistic activities to express ideas or feelings. According to Frontiers in Psychology,[A]rt therapy has been gradually and successfully used for patients with mental disorders with positive outcomes, mainly reducing suffering from mental symptoms.” Art therapy for mental health is often used alongside traditional individual and group therapy.

The versatility of art makes it ideal for therapeutic support because it allows the client to use whatever medium or method makes them feel most comfortable.

Some of the most common techniques used for art therapy include the following:

  • Sculpting

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Beading

  • Paper crafts

  • Colouring

Art therapy for mental health is easy to integrate into a treatment plan and often improves social engagement. A counsellor or psychologist may guide the client through the therapy session. However, sometimes clients take the lead and create whatever comes most naturally without any verbal guidance from the therapist.

What Other Creative Therapies Can Clients Benefit From?

In addition to art therapy for mental health, some clients in recovery choose to use music therapy or other types of creativity to express themselves. Making a physical representation of their emotions or thoughts is often cathartic and freeing for clients who have had difficulty expressing themselves.

Samarpan Recovery collaborates with clients to determine which creative activities will provide the most health benefits during their stay in the program. Most creative activities can be incorporated into a client's treatment plan if it offers health benefits. Some people may also take advantage of local community groups, organizations, or events to engage in creative activities with peers.

Positive Self-Expression Improves Mental Health

Clients who find healthy ways to express themselves often experience greater self-awareness. Translating thoughts, feelings, and ideas into physical mediums improves mental health. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), “Studies have shown the process of creating art has therapeutic benefits and discussing art can facilitate self-expression and lead to greater insight about oneself.”

In addition, art therapy and other creative activities are excellent examples of self-care. Clients can continue to utilize them through every stage of treatment and ongoing recovery.

Art therapy for mental health can involve solo or group activities, guided or freestyle art, and a combination of psychotherapy and art. The adaptability of the medium makes it an essential tool for healing and treatment. Some clients may use multiple creative activities to fully explore their internal experiences.

Art Therapy For Mental Health: Physical And Mental Benefits

Art improves both mental and physical health. Studies have proven that engaging in artistic activities or watching others complete creative tasks changes how the brain interprets information. Social interactions like displaying art for others also play a critical role in the physical and emotional responses clients have to art therapy for mental health.

According to the Journal of Anatomy, “Artists rarely produce works for their own private viewing . . . Exhibiting to others is a principal feature of art.” Clients can use art to communicate more effectively with their support system. Sharing artwork can provide family members and clinicians with additional insights into the client's state of mind.

Some of the known health benefits of participating in artistic activities include the following:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increased resiliency

  • Reduced social anxiety

  • Decreased pain for individuals with chronic medical issues

The client's general well-being is improved if they regularly engage in creative activities during treatment and continuing care. Many clients make creative hobbies a part of their daily self-care routine, reducing overall stress.

Taking Advantage Of Creative Therapies At Samarpan Recovery

Samarpan Recovery uses creativity to help clients connect with their innermost selves. Often these activities are used alongside other therapeutic techniques like psychotherapy or experiential therapy. The client uses various artistic formats to create a visual commentary on their experiences.

Clients can take advantage of art therapy for mental health or other creative activities. The clinical team discusses various therapeutic options with the client during the early stages of treatment. Clients assist in developing their own treatment plan by letting the care team know their preferences regarding evidence-based and alternative holistic therapies. Every client has an opportunity to try creative activities that positively impact their recovery.

Creative activities like art therapy and music therapy can help clients have better treatment outcomes. The clinicians at Samarpan Recovery guide clients through self-discovery by providing them with alternative holistic therapies. Clients can use various mediums, including painting, sculpting, and paper crafts, to find new ways of expressing internal experiences. Research has shown that viewing or participating in artistic activities can reduce overall stress and decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Samarpan Recovery allows clients to control the direction of their treatment, including what types of therapies they engage in. To learn more about the benefits of art therapy and our programs, call us at +91 81809 19090.

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