Why is Samarpan the Best De Addiction Center in India?

Why is Samarpan the Best De Addiction Center in India?

If you have a loved one who has an addiction problem, you want to do everything you can to help them. But with so many options to choose from, it is difficult to know where to turn. Many of the centres look good, so how can you know who to go with? Who will give the best treatment to the person you care about?

In this blog, we will take a look at exactly what de addiction involves, and help you to understand what the best de addiction centres look like. We also give you an insight into why we believe Samarpan is the best de addiction centre in India.

What is De Addiction?

Simply put, de addiction is the process of treating a person who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol. While some people have been known to return to a good life without any professional help following becoming addicted to substances, most people require the help of a de addiction centre.

De addiction centres ideally are places that offer clients everything they need to recover from addiction: a comfortable environment, supportive staff, individual talk therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and nutritious food. Some treatment centres even provide additional services that can assist the recovery process, like yoga classes and regular massages.

What De Addiction Centres are Available in India?

In India, there are a wide range of de addiction centres that cater to every purse. Centres fall into two main categories. The first of these are the government or charity-funded de addiction centres. While these places are often well-meaning, they operate with small budgets, and the care and quality of service are usually not very high.

These centres usually sleep patients in crowded dorm rooms, which is less than ideal when someone is detoxing from drugs or alcohol. Programs tend to be quite basic and do not follow an evidence-based approach to de addiction. It is common for people who have been caught committing a crime to go to these centres to receive immunity from prosecution.

The second category of centres found in India are the private centres. These centres are far better equipped than the state run centres. Facilities tend to be comfier. Meals are more likely to be nutritious and enjoyable. Programs are better thought out and more holistic. Crucially, most private de addiction centres in India also offer medication-assisted treatment, which is vital to wean addicted people off drugs or alcohol safely and with as little pain as possible.

What Should I Look For in A De Addiction Centre?

When selecting a de addiction centre, there are a few factors that you need to consider. Firstly, you need to think about the cost of the centre. Does it fall under your budget?

Next, ask about the program that the centre runs. Does it use an evidence-based approach, using up-to-date methods for de addiction? Some centres in India still use antiquated methodologies, which do not give the best outcomes. The most successful programs include therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12 Step Facilitation, Process Groups, and Relapse Prevention.

You should also ask about whether there is any family involvement in the program. The best de addiction centres recognize that the addiction of one person affects the entire family, and offer support for the family, who have likely also been through a challenging time. Some centres include the family in joint therapy sessions with the addicted person, which helps to rebuild family connections that have become frayed during addiction.

If you are not visiting the de addiction centre in person before your loved one receives treatment, check out images of the centre. What are the facilities like? Coming off drugs and alcohol can be an incredibly difficult experience. Having pleasant and comfortable surroundings can provide a tremendous boost to the well-being of the patient, which contributes to more positive treatment outcomes.

How Samarpan Can Help With the Stages of De Addiction

There are three distinct stages of de addiction, and Samarpan can help the addicted loved one in your life with all of them.


When an addicted person comes through our doors at Samarpan, after welcoming them and giving them a medical once-over, it is time for detoxification. This process involves the patient stopping taking all the substances that they were addicted to. It is not possible to begin addressing the issues that caused addiction in this person without doing this.

The best de addiction centres in India use medication-assisted treatment. This family of medicines includes drugs such as Methadone, Valium, and Baclofen. These medications help bring the addicted person down gently from the substances they had been taking. This means that the addicted person is far more at ease when they have a medicine that supports their body and mind. It also helps the person going through detox to stay safe, as without medication-assisted treatment, withdrawal from some drugs can prove fatal.

Why Samarpan Rehab Is the Best Option for De Addiction Treatment in India

At Samarpan, we pride ourselves on how effective our centre is. We feel that we genuinely offer the best de addiction centre in India, and believe this for a number of reasons.

We consider our holistic approach to de addiction to be the most beneficial way of treating addiction. Our program addresses every aspect of the addiction of the client, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to bringing the addicted person back to life again.

Our facilities are first-rate, and include areas for massage and yoga therapy, a swimming pool, a well-equipped gym, a restaurant with nutritious food, and of course private rooms for therapy. All of this is set among the tranquil hills of Mulshi. De addiction is never an easy process, but we are firm believers that it does not have to be grueling.

If you like the sound of what we do here, we invite you to contact us at your leisure. We would love to answer any questions you may have about Samarpan and the Samarpan approach to de addiction.

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