How Do I Stop Gambling?

How Do I Stop Gambling?

Gambling can be just as destructive as addictions to drugs or alcohol. When you cannot stop gambling, you stand to lose everything you care about in the blink of an eye. Read this to find out the answer to “how do I stop gambling?”.

If you have a problem with gambling and would like help to stop, contact Samarpan Recovery on +91 81809 19090. Our addiction treatment center in India can support you in getting to the root causes of your addiction.

How To Stop Gambling

Here are some of the steps you can take to stop your addiction to gambling. Remember that relapse can happen, and not to beat yourself up about it.

Acknowledge The Problem

Taking the first step toward overcoming a gambling addiction involves acknowledging the problem. Admitting that gambling has become a destructive force in your life is crucial. Honest self-reflection sets the foundation for positive change and opens the door to seeking help.

Delete Gambling Apps

Eliminating easy access to gambling is a practical step in curbing the addiction. Delete gambling apps from your devices to break the cycle of impulsive betting. Removing this immediate temptation creates a barrier that allows you to focus on healthier alternatives.

Ask For Support

Don't face the battle against gambling alone. Reach out to friends, family, or trusted individuals for support. Sharing your struggles fosters understanding and builds a network of encouragement, making the journey to recovery more manageable.

Join A Support Group

Connecting with others who understand the challenges of gambling addiction is invaluable. Joining a support group provides a sense of community and shared experiences. Together, you can navigate the ups and downs, offering strength and motivation to stay on the path to recovery.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

If you have a mild addiction to gambling, the suggestions above may allow you to stop gambling. But if you have deeper rooted gambling issues, getting professional support is likely to be your only way to stop gambling.

Professional gambling addiction treatment is the most effective way of overcoming a serious gambling addiction. Trained therapists and counselors at Samarpan Recovery can provide tailored strategies, address underlying issues, and guide you through the process of breaking free from the grip of compulsive gambling.

Is Gambling Legal In India?

Gambling on games of skill is legal in most states in India. This generally includes games like poker, and sports such as horse racing. There are exceptions to this law across the country, with different states imposing certain regulations on certain games. For example, in Nagaland there is a requirement that poker games require an operator to acquire a license to run games.

The Public Gaming Act of 1867 prohibits people from running a public gambling house. Anyone found breaking this law risks a term of imprisonment of up to 3 months. This act also prohibits people from visiting gambling houses. This can result in a term of imprisonment of up to one month.

Games of chance are prohibited in most states in India. The only exception to this law is in Goa, Sikkim and Dalim, where a limited number of casinos may operate legally.

While gambling on games of chance are illegal in most of India, there is still extensive illegal gambling happening throughout the country. It is estimated that the Indian gambling market is worth around $60 billion each year, half of which is bet illegally.

Why Is It So Difficult To Stop Gambling?

There are many different factors that make it challenging to quit gambling. Here are some of the more common reasons that people find it so difficult to stop.

Psychological Factors

Gambling can lead to the development of psychological addiction, where you have a strong and compulsive urge to gamble despite negative consequences.

Gambling also activates the brain’s reward system, releasing dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reinforcement. Over time, gambling can change the reward and pleasure centers, which causes development of dependence and addiction.

Allows You To Escape Temporarily

Some people use gambling as a form of escapism. If you have stressful events happening in your life, gambling can act as a release, at least for a short period of time.

Self-Medicate Against Mental Illness And Trauma

People who have mental illness often attempt to self-medicate their mental health problem by using gambling, much in the same way that alcoholics or drug addicts use substances.

Unfortunately, gambling can actually make conditions like anxiety and depression worse, as the person addicted to gambling gets stuck in a pattern of gambling that makes their life worse.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling can lead to the development of a psychological addiction, where the person experiences a strong and compulsive urge to gamble despite negative consequences.

Easy Access

Due to online gambling, it is now easier than ever to gamble in India. This ease is a contributing factor towards people becoming addicted to gambling. And is also a major cause of relapse in those who are already addicted.

Financial Factors

Some people continue gambling in an attempt to recover money they lost through gambling, perpetuating the cycle of compulsive behavior.


It is common for people with all kinds of addiction to deny the severity of their problem, and it is no different with gambling. This makes it difficult for these people to seek help or recognize the need for change.

Limited Treatment Options

There is a dearth of high-quality rehabilitation centres providing gambling addiction treatment in India, meaning Indian people may have to decide between attending a sub-par rehab, or going abroad for treatment.

Fortunately, Samarpan Recovery in Pune is available for all those who have a problem with gambling. Our gambling addiction treatment program can help you get to the root of your addiction, meaning you can quit gambling and stay quit.

Online Gambling In India

In recent years, the numbers of people gambling in India have increased significantly. This is due to the wide accessibility of online gambling. Anyone with an electronic device can visit an online gambling site or download an app, and start gambling more or less immediately.

There are no state-wide laws that prohibit gambling, meaning that most Indian people can now gamble without the risk of legal consequences. The only exception to this is the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, who have banned all online gambling for Indians. Anyone who breaks this law can receive a fine or prison sentence of up to one year in jail.

Numbers of people gambling online in India surged during the Covid-19 pandemic, with online gambling games showing a 40% growth.

It is estimated that India will have 12.17 million online gambling users by 2027.

Samarpan Recovery Gambling Addiction Treatment

Knowing how to stop gambling is sometimes not as simple as following steps to stop gambling. If you have a serious addiction to gambling, you may need professional support to help you quit.

At Samarpan Recovery, we help those who are addicted to gambling find and address the reasons why they gamble. We believe that our approach to gambling addiction treatment is the most effective way of quitting for good.

For more information on “how do I stop gambling”, contact us today.

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