What Is Chemsex? Dangerous Sexual Practices On The Gay Scene

What Is Chemsex? Dangerous Sexual Practices On The Gay Scene

Chemsex is popular around the world, and India is no exception. But exactly what is chemsex? Keep reading to find out.

If you are addicted to using drugs while having sex and would like support, contact Samarpan Recovery today. We have the professional knowhow needed to break these addictions.

What Is Chemsex?

Chemsex is when people take substances like methamphetamine, ecstasy, GHB and other party drugs are used in the context of sexual activities. These substances alter perceptions of time, pleasure and inhibitions.

These drugs also increase libido and sexual stamina while inhibiting ejaculation, leading to PNP sexual encounters lasting for many hours or even days.

While men and women both use drugs to heighten the experience of having sex, chemsex is far more common in gay scenes, including in India. Gay men go to sex clubs to indulge in this practice or attend chemsex parties. Gay men also meet other men on Grindr for the purpose of having sex while using drugs.

When men look for other men to have chemsex with, they typically use acronyms such as PNP (short for Party ‘N’ Play) or HNH (High ‘N” Horny). In some Southeast Asian countries, chemsex is known as CF (Chem Fun).

Why Do People Take Part In Chemsex?

Gay men use drugs to lower inhibitions and enhance sexual experiences. The drugs used create a surge of dopamine in the brain which is again heightened by having sex, creating long-lasting euphoria for participants. The taboo nature of chemsex can also heighten the enjoyment for people indulging in chemsex.

Some gay men get involved in chemsex to deal with issues related to sexuality. In some social and cultural contexts, there may be increased stigma or discrimination related to sexual orientation or identity, which can contribute to the use of substances as a coping mechanism. The escapism found in chemsex provides a release from the anxiety and shame experienced by some gay men in these environments.

The communal aspect of chemsex allows gay men to feel like they are a part of something, when they may typically feel isolated within their communities.

Dangers Of Chemsex

There are many dangers associated with chemsex. When learning what is chemsex, it is important to bear these in mind.

Makes Sex Without Drugs Seem Boring

When someone usually has sex while on drugs, sober sex can become uninteresting. Sexual experiences while sober tend to last far less time than those involving crystal meth and other stimulants.

These sober experiences are also far less intense. This can cause some people to not engage in sex unless they are on drugs.

Risk Of STDs

Gay men who engage in chemsex run a high risk of contracting STDs. Inhibitions are lowered and logical thinking is reduced, leading many men to not use condoms while having chemsex. This is incredibly dangerous, as gay men who engage in chemsex have some of the highest rates of STD of any demographic.

Chemsex also tends to involve multiple sex partners, which again increases the risk of contracting an STD.

Risk Of Overdose

People who engage in chemsex run the risk of overdose. This can happen when only one drug is used, and the dangers increase when more than one drug is used. Combinations of uppers and downers like crystal meth and GHB are particularly risky.

RIsk Of Cardiac Arrest

Drugs like crystal meth raise heart rate and blood pressure, and can cause a risk of heart attack. This risk is greatly increased when users combine drugs with long bouts of sexual activity.

Sex Addiction

Combining drugs with sexual practices increases the risk of developing sex addiction. Once sex addiction sets in, it can be incredibly difficult to break. Overcoming sex addiction often requires professional treatment at a rehabilitation center.

How To Overcome Chemsex

There are ways that you can unburden yourself of your addiction to sex and drugs so you can live a healthy life again.

Acknowledge You Have A Problem

If you have read this far, you probably have an issue with chemsex. Admitting you have a problem truly is the first step to getting better. You can make no progress before you do this.

Look At Underlying Reasons

It can be easy to tell yourself that you only engage in chemsex because it is enjoyable. But there are often other reasons why you choose to frequently have sex while on drugs. It is common for men to take part in chemsex to mask issues related to their sexuality, self-esteem or past traumas. Lifting your need for chemsex often involves working on these issues.

Educate Yourself

Chemsex can be severely harmful. Getting acquainted with the damage that you can cause yourself from this practice can help you stay away in the future.

Join A Support Group

Groups like Narcotics Anonymous are there for you if you would like to stop using drugs. These groups will help you no matter what your story. In some countries, though, it may be difficult finding people you relate to, as groups often do not have any other LGBT members.

Get Professional Help

If you have tried the other suggestions given here and still find yourself unable to stop engaging in chemsex, it is time to get professional guidance.

The most effective way of overcoming a chemsex addiction is by attending a drug rehab centre. These centres will help you to stop taking drugs, and will also support you in addressing why you engage in chemsex.

Samarpan Recovery For Chemsex Support.

Knowing where to turn to get professional help for chemsex is difficult in India. There is already a stigma of being gay, and chemsex can further stigmatize you.

At Samarpan Recovery, we welcome all members of the LGBT community. We understand that it can be challenging living in India as a gay man, and feel proud to be able to offer a safe space for all gay men to unburden themselves of the difficulties they face within Indian society.

If you would like us to support you in dealing with your chemsex problem, contact us today.

Samarpan is a specialized international Substance Use Disorder (De-Addiction) and Process Addiction rehab in Pune, India that accepts a maximum of 26 clients. We only accept clients on a voluntary basis and have a highly structured program that encompasses the most effective approaches to Substance Use Disorder and addiction.

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