Samarpan Recovery Provides Destination Therapy For Addiction

Samarpan Recovery Provides Destination Therapy For Addiction

Samarpan Recovery Provides Destination Therapy For Addiction

Some people want to attend rehabilitation programs in a comfortable environment away from their homes. Destination therapy for addiction and mental health recovery has become more prevalent in recent years. The additional privacy and anonymity often reduce stress and help clients feel more comfortable engaging in treatment. In addition, some communities do not provide access to affordable and personalized treatment options making destination programs a better option.

Samarpan Recovery offers a continuum of care that can provide essential support to clients visiting from other countries.

What Is Destination Therapy For Addiction?

Destination therapy, also known as destination treatment, involves attending a rehabilitation program away from one's local area. Some facilities like Samarpan Recovery offer destination therapy that includes the following types of programs:

  • Residential (RTC)

  • Partial hospitalization (PHP)

  • Intensive outpatient (IOP)

  • Outpatient

Clients from anywhere in the world can come to the treatment centre and receive high-quality care tailored to their unique needs. Destination treatment may require additional preparation to ensure a smooth transition into and out of treatment. The admissions office and clinicians can provide resources and essential tools to ensure the best possible outcome for clients visiting India for addiction or mental health recovery.

Samarpan Recovery Provides Excellent Destination Service

According to Martin Peters, Director of Residential Services at Samarpan Recovery, "Samarpan offers an excellent option for clients who may be looking for a treatment program outside of their local area or outside of their own country at a fraction of the cost of UK and US Rehab providers. For Pan Indian clients, there is no longer a need for travel to overseas destinations such as Thailand, UK, or the US, with the program and facilities that are offered at Samarpan at extremely competitive prices. Similarly, Samarpan is an excellent option for non-resident Indians who may also wish to participate in a modern evidence-based program, with a fusion of Indian culture."

“During our first year of operation, we have had clients from Europe, the UK, the USA, and Africa that have enrolled in our program, and all of them have found the program to be robust, well organized, and professional.” Clients from all over the world can take advantage of the evidence-based methods and alternative holistic therapies used to treat substance use disorder (SUD) and related mental health issues.

The wide variety of clients adds to the community environment and brings an additional layer of peer engagement. Clients from all over the world can share their experiences and support.

What To Expect From Destination Therapy

Clients from other countries can choose to stay in the local area and commute to outpatient treatment sessions or attend residential treatment programs at the centre. The facility offers a comfortable and safe community environment where clients can grow and heal together.

In many cases, people choose destination therapy because they want additional privacy. Other common motivations for choosing destination rehabilitation include:

  • Referral from a trusted source

  • A desire to attend treatment in a new setting

  • The need for a fresh start

  • Wanting to experience something new

  • A need for more affordable care

Destination therapy for addiction is not just for Indians living in other countries or foreigners who want to attend rehabilitation away from their local community. Samarpan Recovery is also an excellent place for individuals who live in rural areas of India and surrounding countries who may not otherwise have access to high-quality care. According to Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, in rural areas of India, "There is a huge shortage of trained mental health resources." Samarpan Recovery provides the best treatment at an affordable price, which makes it a valuable destination treatment location.

Indian Citizens Living In Other Countries

In some cases, Indian citizens living in other countries may not feel that their current community provides the right forms of treatment. Clients may feel uncomfortable with more Western styles of medicine. Samarpan Recovery uses an integrative approach to care.

The client's culture, personal, and religious beliefs are considered during treatment planning. In addition, clients have complete control over their own recovery. Collaboration between the care team and the client ensures they feel comfortable with the methods of treatments being used.

Samarpan Recovery offers the following services and treatments for clients who want destination rehabilitation:

  • Case management

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Family therapy and clinician-facilitated family sessions

  • Peer support groups

  • Life skill development

  • Nutritional coaching

  • Alternative therapies

The holistic nature of treatment at Samarpan Recovery ensures that every client can access the services they prefer.

Incorporating Indian Culture Into The Treatment Process

Some Indian citizens living abroad may benefit from returning to their home country for addiction or mental health recovery. The treatments take place in a familiar setting. In addition, facilities like Samarpan Recovery incorporate Indian culture into treatment planning. Community plays an essential role in Indian culture, and treatment should reflect that reality.

Samarpan Recovery prioritizes family engagement and positive peer interactions. Clients can practice coping techniques and life skills in a carefully controlled environment. Destination therapy often reduces distractions and provides a more focused approach to addiction recovery.

High-quality destination treatment facilities ensure clients have access to comprehensive care in a unique environment. Some clients choose to put physical distance between their everyday lives and treatment for addiction or mental health disorders. In addition, Indian citizens living abroad might want to return home during treatment. Regardless of the motivation, destination therapy programs have become incredibly popular in recent years. Samarpan Recovery offers excellent treatment and a continuum of care for local clients and people who choose to travel for their rehabilitation. The facility provides clients access to a rich community of peers offering unique perspectives. To learn more about our programs and services, call us today at +91 81809 19090.

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