How Do I Choose A De Addiction Centre Near Me?

How Do I Choose A De Addiction Centre Near Me?

Have you been searching for a de addiction centre “near me”? There are 100s of centres across India, meaning that selecting one is an arduous task. How do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

To help you with this, Samarpan Recovery has compiled a guide of factors you should consider when you’re choosing an addiction treatment centre. If you need more guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Treatment Costs

In India, there are centres to suit every budget, ranging from a few thousand rupees per month at the lowest end of the spectrum to 10 lakhs+ per month for the more pricey options. As with all things, you get what you pay for. While some of the less expensive centres are well-meaning, they are unlikely to provide you with evidence-based treatment methods you can find at modern centres.


Not all rehabs facilities are alike. Some are basic and have dorm rooms where 12 or more people sleep in the same room. Other rehabs facilities are luxurious, with single-occupancy double beds, en-suite bathrooms, and all modern conveniences.

The best de addiction centres also feature dedicated dining areas, swimming pools, and areas for recreation and fitness. All of these combine to create an environment that is conducive to addiction recovery and allows clients the opportunity to connect with other rehab clients. This helps to create a bond between clients that is a much-needed element of the treatment experience.

Well Trained Staff

A “de addiction centre near me” is nothing without staff. Modern centres employ receptionists, nurses, security, cooks, cleaners, counselors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, and more. The quality of this staff will have a massive impact on the quality of your experience.

The most important staff to consider are the counselors. These are the people who will be educating you or your loved one in addiction matters in group sessions, and help you deal with any underlying issues that are causing your addiction.

To be effective, counselors must have plenty of experience and have all relevant qualifications.

Evidence-based Approaches to Treatment

Not all centres in India use modern methods to treat addiction. Some still use ineffective or even harmful treatments. Make sure that you pick a de addiction centre that has at its core a program that involves evidence-based approaches.

At Samarpan Recovery, we follow the Gorski-CENAPS Relapse Prevention Model, which we believe is the most effective way of treating addiction and providing long-term recovery to our clients. Following this model means that we can incorporate 12-step principles into our program, allowing clients who wish to integrate 12-step methodology into their program of recovery the opportunity to do so.

Proper Detoxification Protocols

Taken consistently, drugs and alcohol upset the delicate balance of your brain chemistry. When the substances begin wearing off after arriving at rehab, people with substance use disorder go into withdrawal. The constellation of symptoms that occur with withdrawal is extremely unpleasant. And when people come off alcohol and drugs like Xanax and Valium, withdrawal can even prove fatal.

This is why you must choose a rehab centre that provides clients with a professional medical detox. This should include medication that can bring patients down from the substances they were taking slowly. Doing this will ensure that they are safe and comfortable.

But not anyone can administer these medications. Used improperly, they are dangerous and can be habit-forming in themselves. The rehab you choose should have trained medical staff who can give you these medicines safely. These staff should have a good bedside manner so that you can feel well taken care of when you are going through withdrawal. This makes the experience so much easier to handle.


While there are fine rehabs all around the world, there are a couple of considerations to take into account when you select a rehab. Firstly, cost. Heading to the United States for treatment involves an expensive plane journey, and the price of treatment once you arrive is likely to be many times that of India, for the same quality of treatment.

There are also the logistical realities of substance addiction to take into account. People with severe substance use disorder cannot go more than a few hours without using their substance of choice. This means that someone with an alcohol problem who is taking a lengthy transatlantic flight must drink on the plane to stave off withdrawal.

Travel becomes even more problematic when we consider people who are addicted to illicit drugs. To stop themselves from going into withdrawal during their plane journey, they must attempt to smuggle illegal drugs across international borders. Samarpan Recovery does not recommend that anyone does this, as you may find yourself in big trouble, particularly if your flight transits to a country that has zero tolerance for drug use.

Nutritious and Tasty Food

Diets during addiction are often not the best. People with substance abuse disorder may go for days without eating, or only eat poor-quality foods. You should choose a rehab that provides you with meals that are not only delicious but will also give you everything that your body needs to recover from addiction. This means opting for a centre that offers a wide variety of meals, first-rate ingredients, and cooks who can prepare dishes that you will look forward to eating.

Samarpan Recovery De Addiction Centre “Near Me

At Samarpan “de addiction centre near me”, we pride ourselves on being one of the top de addiction centres across India. Our state-of-the-art centre provides our clients with an environment that nurtures and supports addiction recovery, with all of the facilities that one would expect from a top-tier centre.

We consider our internationally trained staff to be the jewel in the crown of Samarpan and believe that their experience and dedication to the field of addiction treatment are without parallel across India.

If you would like to know more about why Samarpan Recovery is such a unique de addiction centre, contact us today. We’d love to tell you more.

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