Charas Addiction: Understanding The Dangers and Seeking Help

Charas Addiction: Understanding The Dangers and Seeking Help

Do you or someone you know use Charas? In recent years, cannabis use has become legal in many countries, and use has become normalized. This has made some believe that it is harmless. But this simply isn’t true. You can get hooked on charas, and it can cause you big problems. In this blog, Samarpan will give you the low down on charas addiction. We will also take a look at the differences between charas and hash, and answer any other questions you may have about this popular drug.

What is Charas?

Charas is a type of cannabis concentrate that is commonly found in India, and grown in Kashmir and Parvati Valley. It is prized by cannabis smokers for its distinctive smell and effects, which means it is quite different from hash.

Charas is made by rubbing buds from cannabis plants that are about two to three weeks from full maturity. The resin that comes off the plant is rolled into a ball, which is the finished product. Charas is most often smoked, but it can be incorporated into food or drinks.

It has a legacy within Hinduism and it is said that Lord Shiva would use cannabis to withdraw within himself. Sadhus across India smoke it out of a chillum before conducting religious rites. Bhang, which is a drink that contains cannabis, is even used in several Vishnu temples.

Most charas users, however, do not use the drug for spiritual or religious purposes. Instead, they use it to get high or to help them deal with difficult feelings or situations. Unfortunately for them, this usually backfires. We will discuss this a little later in this blog.

How is Charas Different to Hash?

Charas smokers often believe that charas is a type of hash. This is an easy mistake to make, as charas looks similar to hash, and it has somewhat similar effects. There is one important difference, though. While hash is made from dead parts of the cannabis plant, charas is produced from live parts of the cannabis plant.

Dangers of Charas

While aficionados often consider charas a harmless plant that only brings about good feelings, this is unfortunately untrue. Any cannabis use has the potential to create both short and long-term problems for users.

Psychological Problems

Any psychotropic drug can cause psychological problems, and charas is no exception. The main active ingredient in charas is THC, which alongside other cannabinoids, causes the high. Unfortunately, this chemical can also trigger a host of psychological issues, particularly when levels are very high, as is the case with some types of charas.


Paranoia is one of the more common psychological problems users experience. Users may believe that they are being followed, that people are saying negative things about them, or that the cops are after them (which may be true!).


When a charas smoker goes through psychosis, they often experience delusional thoughts and beliefs and hear and see things that are not there. People who go through psychosis often find themselves being sectioned.


Users sometimes take charas as they find that it “blows the cobwebs away” and puts them in a good mood. When use is stopped, however, users can find themselves caught up in a dependency on this drug, as their depression becomes even worse without it.


People who indulge in charas also frequently cite anxiety relief as a reason that they use it. Again, while charas may be effective for doing this in the short term, it can make anxiety spike in the long term. Users may also experience panic attacks, which are events when anxiety spikes. Someone experiencing a panic attack may feel they are having a heart attack, are losing control or even dying.

Physical Health Problems

Breathing smoke into your lungs repeatedly isn’t healthy. Charas can cause damage to the lungs, which may become permanent. Users often develop a persistent cough, which gets worse as charas is continually used.

Charas can also negatively affect the cardiovascular system, particularly if it is used in combination with tobacco.

Financial Problems

If you spend all day smoking cannabis, your productivity can quickly go downhill. This can lead to a reduction in how much you’re able to bring in each month. And employers don’t want someone who is high all the time!

Add the cost of buying these plants into the equation, and you can see why some users end up low on funds.

Legal Problems

Unless you live somewhere in the world where cannabis is legal, using it means breaking the law. In certain regions, even simple possession can land you in jail. If you give some to a friend and he is caught with it, you can be in even more serious trouble.


You may believe that addiction only happens to people who take hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. This simply isn’t true. If you use any drug enough, you can become hooked. And this process will be quicker if you are part of the 10% to 15% of the population who is particularly susceptible to addiction.

Addiction can get really ugly. Many users find that they start experiencing psychological issues, but are not able to stop using it. This puts these people in a dire situation.

How to Stop Using Charas

Have you started experiencing some of the issues we listed above? These happen to more Charas users than you may think.

The first thing to do if you are experiencing issues related to charas use is to stop using it. The adverse effects of cannabis use simply won’t get better if you keep doing it. When you stop, make a firm decision to stay stopped. Tell yourself that this is something you have to do, and you won’t look back.

Next is to start a healthy lifestyle that will support you in stopping charas. Think about going to the gym, doing yoga, meditation, and eating healthy. Now would be a good time to tune in to friends who will support your decision. You should also consider joining a support group for people with drug problems. Communities like Narcotics Anonymous meet regularly and offer guidance to people who want to quit any drug, including cannabis.

Samarpan Recovery for Charas Addiction

If you have tried everything we list above, yet keep getting drawn back to using, it is time to get professional help. Rehabilitation is considered the gold standard for all substance abuse, and it offers you the best chance of getting over your charas addiction.

At Samarpan, we understand that all addictions can bring people to a dark place, but it is always possible to come back to the light again. Please contact us if you’d like some information on how we can help you quit Charas for good.

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