The Benefits Of 12 Steps For Recovery

The Benefits Of 12 Steps For Recovery

The Benefits Of 12 Steps For Recovery

Twelve-Step meetings have been a cornerstone of addiction recovery for many people struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). However, not everyone is familiar with the 12-Step philosophy. Many clients benefit from attending educational 12-Step Facilitation (TSF) therapy. According to Social Work in Public Health, “It was found that patients treated in TSF attended more 12-Step meetings, had reductions in drinking comparable to patients in the other treatment conditions, and had higher levels of overall abstinence.”

Samarpan Recovery, a top rehab centre for addiction recovery, uses 12-Step Facilitation and other forms of therapy to help clients heal and prepare for long-term recovery.

12 Steps For Recovery During Rehabilitation

Martin Peters, the Director of Residential Services at Samarpan Recovery, said, “At Samarpan we understand that one size does not fit all. Our program provides facilitation of 12 steps for recovery, whereby clients are introduced to the Twelve Steps, and gain a working knowledge, but we do not work the Steps within the program, as this is something that clients should do outside of their treatment program, with a sponsor. As well as 12-Step Facilitation, we introduce the concept of 'Mutual Aid' and alternative support groups” such as:

  • SMART Recovery

  • Refuge Recovery

  • LifeRing

  • Women for Sobriety

Martin Peters continued by saying, "Samarpan is an international rehab centre; clients coming from overseas will likely find that alternative options from AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] and NA [Narcotics Anonymous] are more available in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, whereby in India peer support groups are predominantly of 12-Step Origin at present. Irrespective, there is ample evidence that clients who engage in peer support-led groups have better outcomes in their recovery.

"What has been quite clear as treatment has developed over the last 20 years, [is] that prescriptive treatment is not the most effective, and . . . as clinician[s] we should understand that different clients will do their recovery differently." Samarpan ensures clients have access to various resources, including multiple self-help options for treatment and continuing care. The facility supports clients through the different stages of rehabilitation.

12-Step Facilitation At Samarpan Recovery

According to Obi Unaka, Deputy Director of Residential Services at Samarpan Recovery, “Using the 12 steps for recovery at treatment centres enables clients to understand the central tenets of the 12-Step philosophy, its concepts, traditions, and processes. This also encompasses didactic information on working the actual Steps, getting a sponsor, going to meetings, and doing service. 12-Step facilitation is quite different from actually doing the Steps while in treatment. At Samarpan, our approach is to offer a comprehensive overview of the 12-Step programme and other mutual-aid/self-help groups in order to be able to offer options to meet the needs of anyone who may be averse to engaging with a specific group.”

Attending Meetings

Clients will have an opportunity to attend 12-Step meetings outside of treatment and engage in peer support groups during rehabilitation. TSF prepares clients to attend 12-Step meetings and ensures they understand the key tenants of the philosophy. Samarpan Recovery offers some of the best addiction recovery programs, and every client has access to 12-Step Facilitation therapy.

Finding A Sponsor

TSF ensures clients know the benefits of finding a sponsor and how to maintain a healthy sponsor-sponsee relationship. Many clients rely solely on family members and very close friends for their emotional support. However, objective advice and encouragement from a 12-Step sponsor can help clients continue to improve during continuing care.

TSF therapy educates clients about the benefits of using 12-Step tools. Sponsors are one of the most common, and they provide the following advantages:

  • Accountability for continued sobriety

  • Shared knowledge about various stages of recovery

  • Guidance on following the Steps

Every person has a different experience during treatment and continuing care. However, connecting with someone who has already gone through multiple stages of recovery can provide invaluable insights, inspiration, and motivation.

Alternatives To 12-Step Meetings

Using the 12 steps for recovery is only one option; many other alternatives exist. Clients often try multiple local organisations and groups before settling on the ones that offer the most relevant support. Family members can also benefit from attending support groups, including:

  • Al-Anon Family Groups

  • Families Anonymous

  • SMART Recovery Family and Friends

Every meeting will have slightly different formats, guidelines, and expectations. Clients often sample various groups and choose whichever meets their needs the best. In addition, clients can always access national and international recovery support meetings online.

The Role Of 12-Step Facilitation In Relapse Prevention And Continuing Care

Samarpan Recovery is one of the best treatment centres in India, and it uses every resource available to support clients. TSF therapy provides clients with a clear understanding of how to use self-help meetings to maintain sobriety.

Using the 12 steps for recovery significantly reduces a client's risk of relapse during continuing care by doing the following:

  • Providing a healthy outlet for personal expression

  • Ensuring clients feel less alone and understood

  • Providing strict accountability and sober support

  • Reducing the risk that clients or their families may engage in enabling behaviours

Individuals in recovery benefit from having a strong support system. Samarpan offers the best therapy treatment options in Mumbai and encourages all clients to try TSF to determine if they may benefit from the 12-Step philosophy during continuing care.

Twelve-Step Facilitation (TSF) is an excellent way to introduce clients to the 12-Step philosophy and determine if they may benefit from self-help groups during continuing care. Many clients find 12-Step meetings and the 12 steps for recovery essential to long-term recovery and personal growth. The fellowship, shared experiences, and sponsor-sponsee relationship often provide a solid foundation for positive changes. Clients and their families can use self-help groups to find hope, inspiration, and accountability. Samarpan Recovery provides TSF and encourages clients to take advantage of local 12-Step meetings during continuing care. Our dedicated clinical team can help clients explore all their treatment and support options. To learn more about our services and programs, call us at +91 81809 19090.

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