Why You Need Professional Help In Interventions For Drugs And Alcohol

Why You Need Professional Help In Interventions For Drugs And Alcohol

Why You Need Professional Help In Interventions For Drugs And Alcohol

Millions of families are affected by the symptoms of untreated mental health issues every year. Often family members are unsure how to help their loved one get access to high-quality professional treatment. Families may need professional guidance to help their loved ones with treatment. According to the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, "In India there has been a long tradition of involving families in the treatment of mentally ill relatives." 

Samarpan Recovery is one of the top treatment centres in Mumbai and encourages family members to take an active role in the interventions for their loved ones. The evidence-based treatments provide families and clients with the support they need to build a healthy foundation for the future.

What Is An Intervention?

An intervention can take place within the home or in a clinical setting and usually involves discussing treatment options and resources with the person experiencing mental health issues. In many cases, interventions for drugs and alcohol occur during crisis moments when an individual has reached a point where they cannot function without professional treatment.

Studies have shown that intervention models “consists of stabilization, acknowledgment, facilitate[ed] understanding, encouragement, recovery, and referral[s].” Interventions help “patients return to their mental baseline following a crisis.” Multiple intervention models exist. However, families do not need a specific intervention model to successfully help their loved one enter treatment.

Do You Need Professional Guidance To Conduct An Intervention For Drugs And Alcohol?

In many cases, families can receive guidance from a professional without having them play an active role in the intervention. However, some situations are delicate and may involve severe or complex mental health symptoms. In those instances, having a clinician participate in the intervention might benefit the family and their loved one.

Often, a professionally guided intervention for drugs and alcohol does the following:

  • Provides referrals and information about treatment programs

  • Ensures individuals affected by mental health disorders and their families understand the realities of recovery

  • Offers insight into the causes and effects of various symptoms

  • Acts as an objective buffer between individuals and their loved ones

Families who feel compelled to intervene on a loved one's behalf can use a professional intervention or consultation. The best way to start is by contacting addiction treatment centres like Samarpan Recovery. Addiction recovery specialists can provide insights and information on how to conduct a successful intervention at home or with the help of a professional.

Can Families Conduct Interventions On Their Own?

Families can conduct interventions for drugs and alcohol on their own. However, the more information they have, the better the outcome. For example, families attempting an intervention without fully understanding the situation may drive their loved one further away, causing conflict or significantly worsening symptoms. Families that educate themselves on how to conduct an intervention and the many possible outcomes often have a more positive experience.

Studies have shown, "Family-based [substance use disorder] interventions focus on encouraging clients with SUDs to initiate and sustain recovery, improving their family communication and relationships to support and sustain their recovery, and helping family members engage in self-care and their own recovery." Families do not need a mental health professional to visit their homes and address their loved ones. However, they significantly benefit from the guidance of a clinician.

How To Get Professional Guidance For An Intervention

The general population may not know where to find accurate information and support services related to substance misuse or mental health issues. However, many resources exist. One of the best ways to get professional guidance for interventions for drugs and alcohol is to reach out to a mental health or addiction rehabilitation program like Samarpan Recovery. Families can also find helpful resources by contacting community organizations, medical clinics, therapist offices, self-help groups, and online support services.

The Benefits Of Professional Guidance

Being guided through the intervention and admissions process by a mental health professional can make it easier for families to support their loved ones. A clinician can educate families and provide unique resources that will ensure families better understand their loved one's condition.

Seeking professional guidance before attempting an intervention for drugs and alcohol offers families the following benefits:

  • More context regarding their loved one's condition and how family dynamics may affect recovery

  • Information about what type of language to use and how to approach their loved one about treatment

  • Additional details about what their loved one can expect from admissions and treatment

Interventions are often highly emotional, even when family members try to remain objective. The person needing help might feel threatened, ashamed, or embarrassed about their condition and their family's choice to intervene. However, interventions for drugs and alcohol also show vulnerable individuals that they are loved and that there are people who want to see them get the help they need to heal.

Samarpan Recovery Provides Intervention Consultations

The dedicated care team at Samarpan Recovery offers consultations and resources for families in the community. Families struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) or mental health issues can rely on clinicians to provide insights, guidance, and step-by-step instructions on setting up and conducting a successful intervention. Samarpan Recovery is one of the top rehabilitation centres in India, and the care team can help families find positive ways to engage with their loved ones during an intervention.

A professional intervention can help people struggling with addiction and mental health issues. However, having a clinician, therapist, or other professional physically involved in the intervention is not always necessary. Sometimes, including an outsider in such a delicate and emotional event can be counterproductive. Families can conduct their own interventions for drugs and alcohol while being informed and guided by a professional. The partnership can help families understand what to avoid and how best to approach their loved ones. Samarpan Recovery offers intervention consultations and family support services. Everyone should have access to high-quality addiction and mental health treatment. To find out more about our treatment centre in Mumbai, call us today at +91 81809 19090.

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