Finding An Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In Mumbai

Finding An Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In Mumbai

For many people, choosing a rehab centre is the most significant financial commitment in their life besides buying a house and a car. It is not a decision you take lightly.

Knowing what you are looking for is the first step. After all, how do you choose one centre from another? To help you with this, we have compiled this guide so you can figure out which alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai is right for you.

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Understanding the Types of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Mumbai

Generally speaking, there are two types of alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. They come with markedly different price points and different expectations for treatment outcomes.

“No Frills” Centres

The first is the type that charges clients 5-20,000 rupees per week and is very much a “no frills” approach to alcohol rehabilitation. Typically, clients sleep in dormitories of 4 or more people. Some centres sleep more than 20 people in one room.

These centres' facilities are basic, usually including a dorm room, a room for group sessions, a kitchen and a dining room.

Treatment may involve some 12-step meeting attendance, but it is unlikely to include any evidence-based program. There may be some group sessions, but one-on-one sessions with mental health professionals are rare at these places.

Food is likely to be low-quality and not particularly nutritious.

Professional Centres

The second type of alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai differs greatly from the first. Prices are around 5,000 rupees per day. Some centres around this price range offer single rooms, while many still sleep clients in dormitories.

Besides the facilities offered in the first category, these centres may include a dedicated room for one-on-one counselling and a gym.

These centres are more likely to use evidence-based approaches as part of their treatment protocol, and clients often receive one-on-one sessions using cognitive behavioral therapy or a similar treatment method.

Food is likely to be better quality than the “no frills” centre, based on the understanding that nutrition is an integral part of recovery from alcoholism.

Luxury Centres

These centres are the top-tier when it comes to alcohol treatment. Expect to spend 15,000 rupees daily or more for these types of centres.

Facilities at these places will be far better than those at average centres. There will be high-quality gym facilities, luxurious single-person rooms with comfortable beds, dedicated areas for recreation and dining, and probably a swimming pool.

Treatment at luxury centres will involve evidence-based treatment with staff with many years of experience treating alcoholism. Staff will be well-vetted before they work at a place like this.

Expect the food to be of excellent quality, with international cuisine cooked by skilled chefs. Meals will be highly nutritious to help expedite the healing process from alcohol addiction.

Evaluating Treatment Options Offered by the Centre

Centres offer a variety of different treatment protocols. Group sessions and one-on-one talk therapy sessions are both crucial. You should select a centre that has group sessions that include:

Relapse Prevention

These sessions are vital for the long-term recovery of clients. They will help you understand future situations that might cause relapse and how to avoid them. The sessions will also teach you the warning signs of relapse, which will help you to spot a relapse before the physical act happens.

If you attend a centre that does not offer relapse prevention group sessions, you leave yourself wide open to relapsing in the future.

Psychoeducation Workshops

Quitting problem drinking involves far more than just putting down the bottle. These sessions give clients information and strategies that will allow them to make positive changes in their lives. Implementing these changes will not only help you to quit drinking, they will also mean your life after alcohol will be as pleasant as possible, as long as you apply the lessons you learn in your life after rehab.

Understand the Centre’s Policy on Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment is the name for a range of medications that help someone detox after they have been taking addictive substances over a long period. It is essential to use these medicines as without them withdrawal can be a particularly unpleasant experience. Common withdrawal symptoms include depression, anxiety, restless legs, aching limbs, stomach cramps, nausea and headaches.

These withdrawal symptoms can be challenging to get through, and it is common for people with substance use disorder to continue using to avoid them. It is even more vital to use medication-assisted treatment when detoxing from alcohol, as alcohol withdrawals can be fatal if MAT is not used.

Not every alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai provides their clients with MAT. Some centres offer MAT but are not permitted to. Before you decide on your rehab, make sure that they can provide you with the necessary medicines you will need to stay comfortable and safe during your withdrawal and that they are legally allowed to do this.

You should also ensure that the rehab centre you choose has staff on site who are trained to safely administer MAT. These medications can be dangerous if they are not used correctly.

Discuss Mental Health Support Services Offered by the Centre

37% of people with alcohol use disorder have at least one serious mental illness. These mental illnesses are always a contributing factor towards the alcohol problems that this person has. Alcohol use can also exacerbate existing mental health problems, leading to a tragic cycle of worsening mental health and increased alcohol use.

Getting out of this cycle involves not only addiction treatment but also mental health treatment. This is why it is crucial that, if you have a co-occurring disorder, the alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai that you select has staff who are trained to treat mental health problems.

It is impossible to treat addiction without treating mental health issues simultaneously.

Determine The Level Of Privacy Provided By The Centre

While some people are comfortable with those around them knowing about their addiction problems, this is not always the case. If you have friends or family who you believe will not understand, it is natural to want to keep your troubles with alcohol to yourself.

At Samarpan Recovery, we understand the importance of privacy, which is why we will not share your personal information with anyone unless you want us to. We also operate around-the-clock security, which keeps our facilities secure at all times. Going to rehab can be a challenging experience. Knowing that you are always safe is one weight off your mind.

Ask About Opportunities For Exercise

During alcohol addiction, it is not just the mind that takes a pounding. The body does, too. Alcohol can affect every cell in the body, causing illness which contributes to the suffering experienced by those with alcoholism. Not to mention the weight gain that people who abuse alcohol often get.

Access to exercise facilities is a crucial part of returning the body to a state of vibrancy. And while you are doing this, the mind will also thank you. Exercising not only helps your brain to recover from alcohol use, but it also improves your mood.

So when you’re checking out alcohol rehabilitation centres, ensure they have somewhere you can work out. Somewhere that has a gym, swimming pool and yoga classes is ideal.

Explore Resources For Family Members Of Clients

Being around an alcoholic can be challenging, and alcoholism can affect the entire family. Even when a person with an alcohol problem can provide for a family, the stress of being around someone who is intoxicated much of the time is tough. Resentments can happen that may be difficult to shift.

On the other side of the coin, the alcoholic person may have resentments toward other family members that get in the way of their maintaining sobriety. Getting to the root of these might be one of the keys to staying sober.

The best rehab centres in Mumbai have staff who can help families reconnect, deal with resentments, and come back together as a family. This work can be difficult, but the results are always worth it.

Assess Aftercare Support Services Available

At most alcohol rehabilitation centres in Mumbai, aftercare support services are unlikely to be available. Most centres suggest attending 12-step support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Some people do well with such programs, but programs like these are not holistic.

To fully recover from alcoholism, many people require continued one-on-one therapy sessions. The benefits these sessions can provide not only prevent relapses but can also help accelerate the recovery process, meaning that people new to recovery can begin living a fuller life, faster.

While some people feel that they require a few sessions a week after they have left treatment, others need only one or two a month.

Review the Program's Reputation and Success Rate

Reputations can rarely be faked. Finding out the standing of the alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai is a crucial part of your due diligence when deciding on a centre. The ideal situation is talking to someone who has been for treatment there. Some rehabs can connect you with previous clients, if you ask.

You should also inquire about the success rate. Note that no rehabs have a 100% success rate, and you should disregard any centre that claims to have this.

Samarpan Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In Mumbai

Samarpan Recovery is a luxury rehab centre located in Mulshi, just 3 hours outside Mumbai. When designing Samarpan, we looked around at the rehabs India had to offer and were a little underwhelmed. We knew that we could do better.

We considered every aspect of Samarpan from the bottom up, creating a centre to help our clients recover in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The result is a centre that we feel proud of and would love to show you around. So if you or your loved one needs addiction treatment, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see us.

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