What Should I Expect From A Rehabilitation Centre in Pune?

What Should I Expect From A Rehabilitation Centre in Pune?

If you’re looking for a rehabilitation centre in Pune for your loved one, you only want the best. With so many options on offer, knowing which to choose from can be difficult. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together this guide that gives you a list of seven non-negotiables for addiction treatment.

Expectations for a Rehab Centre in Pune

When you’re deciding which rehab centre to go to, you should absolutely expect these. If you speak with rehab and they don’t have them, look elsewhere for treatment.

1. Safe and Secure Environment

The most basic factor you should consider when finding a rehab for your loved one is that the rehabilitation site is well protected. A facility that has staff 24/7 means that you do not need to worry about the safety of your loved one, and they are assured that their well-being is taken care of around the clock.

There should be absolutely no drugs or alcohol on the site. This can be ensured by any clients who come to the facility being searched before they begin their stay.

Rehab centres should also be equipped with CCTV, which will provide additional safety for everyone staying at the centre.

2. Medical Detoxification

When someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol and stops using them, they go into withdrawal. This is a collection of symptoms that range from mild chills and body aches to suicidal thoughts and potentially fatal seizures. Going through this alone is notoriously challenging, and is the reason why many people with addiction refuse to stop drinking or using drugs. They simply feel like they cannot go through the physical and emotional pain involved in quitting.

This is why doing a medical detox is so important. Rather than facing the agony of “cold turkey”, patients who go to a well-equipped rehabilitation centre in Pune are given medications that will keep them safe and comfortable while they are in withdrawal. These medications are administered by medical professionals who make every effort to keep the patient at ease during this challenging stage of treatment.

3. Nutritious Food

People hooked on alcohol and drugs don’t tend to look after themselves very well. Keeping unusual hours, living stressful lifestyles, and of course using substances can all wreak havoc on the bodies and minds of these addicted people. Addicted people also don’t often eat high-quality food, which can do plenty of damage itself.

Not getting the right nutrients can accelerate deterioration in substance-dependent people. It is absolutely crucial that when these people get to rehab they are given food that will nourish them and correct any deficiencies they may have. This will drastically speed up the healing process.

4. Exercise Facilities

Having somewhere to work out is absolutely instrumental when it comes to recovering from alcohol and drugs. During substance abuse, the supply of endorphins in the brain becomes depleted, which means that people who are newly sober often face low moods.

In the short term, exercise stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, which can give people in rehab a much-needed lift when they have just stopped using substances. In the long term, exercise rewires the brain so that it will be easier to stay sober in the future.

While any exercise is useful, having a well-equipped gym and other exercise facilities makes exercise seem far more inviting, which encourages rehab clients to exercise more.

5. Supportive and Experienced Staff

All staff at your rehab center should have plenty of experience helping people with addiction. Counselors should, at the very least, have university qualifications in a course related either to psychiatry or addiction treatment.

But it is not enough to just have the necessary qualifications and experience. All staff should also have a caring attitude that will help rehab clients feel welcome and at home while they are receiving treatment. This will aid the addiction treatment process to no end.

6. Evidence-Based Treatment Approaches

Modern rehabs use treatments that have been rigorously tested by modern science. The gold standard of addiction treatment includes talk therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). These methods of treatment yield the best long-term results for treating addiction.

Treatments like CBT and DBT can also be used to treat mental health problems, which are frequently seen in people who have issues with addiction.

7. Aftercare Planning and Support

After treatment is completed, you don’t want your loved one to be left in the lurch. The first stages of recovery from addiction can be challenging, and it is common for people leaving rehab to relapse in the first couple of months. Having the support of addiction professionals can prevent this from happening.

Good rehabs tend to offer aftercare as one of their services. This means that rehab clients can speak with their counselor over the phone, or go in for therapy sessions in person. It is also often possible for families to go into the center to talk about how the client has been progressing in their addiction recovery.

Samarpan Recovery Rehabilitation Centre in Pune

Samarpan Recovery Center is located just one hour outside of Pune, in the Mulshi area. We offer our clients everything that is expected from a premium rehabilitation facility and feel that the addiction treatment service we provide is among the very best that India has to offer.

If you feel like Samarpan Recovery may be able to help your loved one with their addiction problems, please contact us today.

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