How to Choose the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

How to Choose the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

If you live in Mumbai and have a loved one who has a problem with drugs or alcohol, choosing a rehab for them can be confusing. Your number one concern is making sure they have the support they need to get better. How can you make sure they get this?

To help you, we at Samarpan Recovery have compiled this short guide that will give you all the information you need. After reading, you’ll know exactly how to choose the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai.

What to look for when choosing a Rehab Centre in Mumbai?

You want the best for your loved one. When it comes to finding a rehab, you should take in all of these factors to make sure you choose a rehab that will cater to all of this special person’s needs.

Caring and Experienced Staff

The staff at rehab centres in Mumbai should be one of your primary focuses when choosing a rehab. These are the people who will meet your friend or family member at the doors of the rehab, administer the medicine that will keep them safe and comfortable, educate them on how to live without substances and stay connected with them following rehab.

For the staff at a treatment centre to be able to do this effectively, they must have plenty of experience. When you are looking for rehabilitation, make sure you ask rehabs exactly how much addiction treatment experience their staff has.

Well Thought Out and Managed the Program

The structure and organization of an addiction treatment program is the key to successful rehabilitation. Common elements of treatment programs include individual therapy, art therapy, and group classes including stress management and relapse prevention.

Clients will learn to identify triggers and deal with cravings and will look at ways to discover healthy hobbies and recreational activities that have nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.

There may also be time to exercise. Doing this can help to produce endorphins within the brain, and help to accelerate the substance abuse healing process.

Addiction isn’t just tough on the individual, it can be hard on the entire family. The best de-addiction centres in Mumbai can also include family as part of the program. Family counseling will be offered so that bonds can be restored after addiction.

Comfortable Environment

Coming off substances is always going to be a challenging experience. Reality comes rushing in, and rehab clients begin dealing with the consequences of their addiction. Clients must also face withdrawal symptoms, which can be very unpleasant.

In this situation, it is important that clients at rehab centres in Mumbai are as comfortable as possible. Making sure of this makes the whole process much easier, which contributes to improved outcomes for addiction recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT is the name for the collection of medicines that good rehabs administer to their clients to keep them safe and comfortable while they are coming off substances. Often, people who are withdrawing from drugs and alcohol are unable to sleep and feel incredibly anxious, depressed, and in pain. The withdrawal comes with a host of symptoms, which can include the risk of death for people who have been addicted to substances like alcohol and Xanax.

MAT is a fundamental part of all good rehabs, and it is something you should make sure the rehab you send your loved one to provides.

What questions should I ask a Rehab Centre in Mumbai?

Unsure what to say when you check out a rehab centre in Mumbai? Here are some ideas on questions that you can ask in these places.

What types of therapy and counseling services do you offer?

Different de-addiction centres in Mumbai offer different types of counseling. At Samarpan Recovery, we offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as we believe that this type of therapy is the best for dealing with issues such as addiction.

Do you provide medical detoxification services?

Medical detoxification is absolutely crucial to ensure the welfare of clients. If a rehab centre you speak with does not offer this, you should not consider sending your loved one there.

You should make sure that there are licensed medical professionals on-site, as rehabs cannot legally conduct detoxification without these staff.

How do you handle co-occurring mental health disorders?

According to NIH, 37.9% of people with addiction problems also have underlying mental health problems. The centre that you choose should have ways of helping clients who go there deal with their mental health problems, as well as their addiction.

How do you teach relapse prevention?

Relapse prevention is vital. The rehab that your loved one goes to should have a rigorous program that will give them all the information they need to avoid rehab once they are back in the outside world.

What are the credentials and qualifications of your treatment staff?

The rehab centre staff that you choose should all have relevant qualifications for treating people who have an addiction.

What is the daily schedule like for clients of the treatment program?

At a rehab centre, much of the programming should focus on therapy and education related to addiction. There should be at least two hours of one-on-one therapy per week, and also time to rest and recuperate. Having time to unwind at times throughout the day is also part of the recovery process.

What measures do you take to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of patients?

The confidentiality and privacy of patients are of the utmost concern to all of the best rehab centres in Mumbai. While in an ideal world, everyone would be understanding the realities of addiction, this is not yet the case. People do judge people based on their addiction, and it has been known for employers to fire their staff if they find out they have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

Ask the rehab centre you intend to go to what their policy is like regarding confidentiality. Do they share any patient information with third parties? Can you be assured that what happens in the rehab centre stays there?

Samarpan Rehabilitation Centre: The Best Rehab Centre Serving Mumbai, Pune, and The World

Samarpan Recovery is situated near Pune, around 150 km outside of Mumbai. We provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation not just locally, but to people from all around the world. And we consider ourselves not just the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, but the best in India.

To find out more about what we do at Samarpan, and why we feel our facility is really special, contact us today.

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